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Long Distance Towing Services In Vancouver

Shifting places or moving heavy equipment from one job site to another. All such activities are tough, risky, and tricky. The need always makes the owners and drivers overwhelmed about the safety during transportation. If you are also one of those overthinking vehicle drivers or equipment owners, we have good news for you! Big Rig’s professional long-distance towing services have got you all covered.

What Is Long Distance Towing?

As the name suggests, long-distance towing is moving your car, heavy equipment, or other vehicles from one region to another - with a minimum of 100+ miles of estimated travel distance. This type of towing is usually done under the umbrella of flatbed towing services, considering the increased level of stability and safety the vehicle being towed gets in the process.

Big Rig’s Long-Distance Towing Services

Long-distance towing is a complicated job. Therefore, it should always be trusted by experienced professionals in the towing industry. Big Rig towing is proud to open its doors to our valuable customers looking to move their vehicles beyond Surrey. Whether you are relocating or moving a new car to a showroom for display. The best long-distance towing service you could ever experience is just a call away.


Must-haves In Long Distance Towing Service

Pre Long Distance Towing

Owing to the distance, long-distance towing requires more tools and equipment compared to local towing. We at Big Rig are always ready with our preemptive measures to travel safely with your vehicles and heavy equipment.

What We Do

At Big Rig, we check the following before starting a long-distance towing journey:

  • Our tow truck is ready to hit the road.
  • Service checks like tires should be inflated, the brake should be working, brake fluid, gasoline, oil, battery, and diesel all should be at required levels.

During Long-distance Towing

At the onset of the service, we assess the condition of your vehicle and record it. For road safety, we transport one trailer on one tow truck at a time. Professional mechanical technicians at Big Rig carefully load the vehicles on the trailer safely.

During the transport, our crew completes the spot checks and records the results of the tests. This helps increase the safety of the process. For instance, if a fastening cable gets loose, our drivers and technicians pull over at the bays and get it fixed. All these checks and balances eradicate the chances of unpleasant events expected during the long-distance hauling.

Post Long Distance Hauling

Post-long-distance hauling process, we make sure that you are satisfied with the condition of your vehicle and that it has reached the correct destination. Moreover, we reassess the conditions of our tow truck and get any problem fixed, so we are ready to serve our next client.

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