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Were you met with an accident? Or did your car break down in the middle of the road for some unknown reason? Just thinking about these troublesome situations gives goosebumps to all (a novice as well as an experienced driver). However, your local towing experts like Big Rig are supposedly your guardian angels in these situations.

What Is Local Towing Service

As the name suggests, local towing means moving your car from one place to another within a 100-mile radius of your location. These services are provided to the drivers stuck on the road due to unprecedented mechanical vehicle problems. When this happens, the industry likes to term the service the emergency towing services.

However, the span of local towing service is not limited to emergency towing. It can also cater to the businesses or individuals that want to move heavy equipment from one spot to another within the region. Similarly, you can also be called a local towing service to carry your obsolete vehicle to a junkyard.

In short, local towing covers equipment hauling and vehicle transport within the set approachable radium by the towing company.


What Should You Do?

When in need of a local towing service, especially in the emergency situations, act responsibly and;

  • Do not panic.
  • Call the nearest or a towing company on your quick dial.
  • Inform the attendant of every possible detail of the location and situation you are in.
  • Explain the condition of your vehicle.
  • Let them know about the model, type, and other specifications of the vehicle. All this will help the professionals to provide the most relevant type of tow truck service.
  • Lastly, wait at a safe place.

What Sets Big Rig Apart

With the saturation of the towing industry in Vancouver, you have all the right to think about why to choose us instead of any other tow truck service provider. To help you with this, here are some different points that set us apart from all others

Deliverance over claims:You will not find us chanting the claims like the best towing company in Surrey, 24/7 service, professional and updated tools, and tow trucks. Because they are no longer points of difference rather they are now the industry standard. The ground reality and word of mouth from our satisfied customers are enough to speak for our service quality.

We Know The Driver’s Sentiments:We have been in the driving profession for years in the form of Big Rig Driving school. Therefore, we are well aware of the driver’s thinking in these emergency situations. So, we approach and plan the solution according to what a driver wants and empathize with them at every stage of the process.

Certificates And Licenses: Our crew members are all certified towing technicians, may they be the tow truck drivers or the mechanical and technical support personnel. Our drivers hold updated and refreshed heavy-duty driving licenses, which means they are the best and on the top when it comes to professionalism and driving expertise.

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