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Heavy Duty Towing Service

Do you struggle to find a professional and dependable heavy duty towing service provider in Vancouver? It is time to say goodbye to your stress and struggle because Big Rig Towing is here to take up the responsibility. Bus or trailer towing will never give you a headache again.

Loads Do Not Deter Big Rig Towing - The Leading Heavy Duty Tow Truck Service Providers In BC

We have spent a significant part of our lives in the trucking industry. Hauling loads or moving heavy-duty vehicles is an everyday thing for us. Thus, loads do not scare us. Instead, we take every heavy towing task as a fresh challenge to prove our efficiency, diligence, and expertise to the community. Big Rig Towing proudly boasts a team of highly motivated and well-trained professionals who have what it takes to handle all your towing needs proficiently.


Bus Towing Or Equipment Hauling - We Know How It's Done!

When it comes to Big Rig, there is nothing that we can't tow or move. Our tow truck drivers are available 24/7 to respond to all types of heavy-duty towing needs.

We can tow anything and everything:

Flatbed Towing And Heavy Duty Hauling

Big Rig Towing offers 24/7 flatbed towing and other types of heavy-duty towing facilities for the following:

  • Tractor and trailer towing
  • Semi-truck towing service
  • All types of bus towing
  • All types of trucks (dump, grain, construction)
  • Rescue vehicle towing
  • 24/7 accident and emergency towing
  • RV towing

Equipment Hauling And Transportation Services

Towing Large vehicles is not the end of the story. Big Rig Towing goes a step further for the collective convenience of the community. We understand and acknowledge the difficulties businesses in the construction and other economic sectors in terms of moving heavy equipment from one location to another. To help out these main drivers of our economy, we provide exclusive construction and other equipment hauling and transportation services.

From cranes to heavy construction equipment, we can haul them all.

What Do Our Trailer Towing Services Encompass?

Our list of towing services goes way above and beyond your expectations. Within trailer towing services, we offer:

  • RV trailer towing
  • Commercial trailer towing
  • Construction trailer towing

Just name it, we shall tow it!

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