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A state-of-the-art tow truck ensures superior quality towing service provision. But the brains and skills behind the wheel ascertain safe, secure, and prudent service delivery. When it comes to public and employee safety, Big Rig Towing leaves no stone unturned.

Safety Over Sales - The Golden Rule Of Professional Tow Truck Companies

As towing service providers, our job is to rescue you and your big rig from any kind of roadside misery. Thus, no business understands the value of public safety and that of their properties. Big Rig Towing values safety over sales. We go against the conventional rule of thumb of concentrating on maximizing revenue generation with the least attention to the suitability of business operations. Instead, we strive to put the well-being of our clients (and their properties) and that of the community as a whole on top of our priority list.

For this reason, we are very careful with the selection and onboarding of tow truck drivers, equipment operators, and other technical experts. We ensure that all our tow truck drivers are CDL certified and have the necessary skills to handle any towing task diligently.


Our CDL Certification Endeavors & On-Field Training Programs

Towing is not all we do in the big rig industry. Big Rig Towing’s sister company, Big Rig Driving School is an accredited provider of CDL (classroom and on-field) training. Besides hiring experienced and self-motivated tow truck specialists, we also import truck drivers from our own school and provide them with the necessary training to handle every big rig towing task efficiently.

Big Rig Towing’s Certified Operators

When hauling our elite towing services, you can rest assured that your trucks, trailers, buses, or equipment are in safe hands. Through all of the above-mentioned embankments, we ensure that our truck drivers and equipment operators are certified, well-equipped, and adequately trained to proficiently meet your hauling or towing needs.

With Big Rig Towing, safety is always a guarantee.

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