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Our Exquisite Towing Services

Big Rig Towing offers reputable, timely, and most trustworthy tow truck services in Surrey and surrounding areas. Within an estimated time frame of 30 minutes, one of our adequately equipped and seasoned tow truck drivers will be available at your service.

Convenience Is Just A Call Away!

When it comes to towing large vehicles, the processes and equipment involved must meet specific safety standards. Big Rig Towing values safety over everything else. For this reason, our equipment and tow truck fleet are fully insured and abide by the necessary standards. Similarly, our licensed drivers undergo immense equipment handling and theoretical training sessions. Give us a call now and enjoy safe and stress-free towing anywhere in Vancouver.

What We Tow

Heavy Duty Towing And Equipment Haling Experts

As our name suggests, Big Rig Towing specializes in towing large vehicles and heavy equipment such as construction machinery and tools. We can tow anything and everything ranging from tractors, trailers, all types of buses, dump trucks, grain trucks, rescue vehicles, cranes, construction trucks, and construction equipment. Towing a Big Rig is no more a hassle in BC.

Vehicle Recovery And Roadside Assistance Services We Provide

Heavy Towing Services

Big Rig Towing has what it takes to handle all your heavy-duty towing needs efficiently and effectively. From towing and recovering buses to transporting construction equipment to various sites and everything in between, we are well-versed in handling it all. With Big Rig, heavy towing is no more a headache.

Shuttling Trucks

Big Rig Towing diligently moves large vehicles or equipment from point A to point B. We understand that a truck or trailer breakdown, especially in the logistics industry, can disrupt operations and cost more than what you are imagining. To help minimize the negative impacts of these breakdowns, Big Rig safely moves your vehicle to and from your desired repair location. Call us now for safe, secure, and timely shuttle truck services.

Certified Operators

Towing is not the same as driving a truck. And when it comes to big rig towing and recovery, there is no room for error or slips. Big Rig Towing values public, employee, and public property safety over everything else. For this reason, our team boasts nothing but perfection in the field. Our towing equipment operators and tow truck drivers are CDL certified and possess adequate on-field training to handle all large vehicle towing tasks efficiently.

Speedy Shop In-Out services

Large vehicles need thorough regular maintenance and oil changes. Big Rig Towing provides an unmatched speedy shop in our services for your convenience.

Long Distance Towing

Our professional towing specialists have been hovering over the BC streets for years. No matter how far your destination is, our tow truck drivers will effortlessly get it there as per the schedule. Our long-distance tow truck services are available 24/7 for your ease and comfort.

Local Towing

Big Rig Towing’s truck drivers are well-equipped and trained to provide local towing services in any area of Vancouver. Even if you need the vehicle to be towed for only a few kilometers within your area, feel free to give us a call. Our seasoned drivers take the best route as per the time of the day for quick and safe local towing.

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