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Safety in every aspect of the towing process is Big Rig’s top priority. For us, everything comes after safety. Towing is a dangerous job, especially heavy-duty vehicle and equipment hauling. The whole setup of a tow truck carrying another vehicle is always vulnerable to accidents, threatening not only the tow truck, professionals, but others on the road too. However, sufficient and well-crafted precautionary measures can make the process much safer.

Safety At Big Rig Towing

Any towing process involves tow trucks, working professionals, safety equipment, and the vehicle or equipment being towed. So, the safety span of the tow truck service should encompass every element involved.

Employee Safety

Injuries can be a common occurrence for people working in the towing industry. A little mishap or carelessness can be hazardous. This is why Big Rig emphasizes employee training and offers them special lessons on the importance of small details when loading, unloading, or driving a tow truck.

Moreover, our employee insurance policy provides our technicians, driver, and other crew members confidence in workplace safety.

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Vehicle Safety

We are firm and rigid in our practice of pre-towing vehicle inspections and checks. These inspections make sure that the equipment and vehicle being used for any of our tow projects are in the right condition. Any vehicle detected with any functional or structural problem is grounded and sent to the repair center immediately.

A well-maintained vehicle with working brakes, optimum lubrication levels, fuel supply, and other components decreases the chances of emergency pullovers and breakdowns of the tow truck itself. Hence, making the process smoother and safer in return.

Moreover, the safety of the vehicle being towed and other belongings of our customers is also important to us. We make sure that the loading and unloading of the equipment and vehicles are done with as much care as possible.

Public Safety

A tow truck carrying another vehicle or heavy-duty equipment on it is a dangerous setup. The weight and tow truck speed, if slightly disturbed, can result in sliding, tilting, or worst, overturning of the towing vehicle. This is not only dangerous for the drivers but also for other vehicles and people on the road. So, our careful route selection, driving practices, and tying mechanisms are there to make sure that our towing service is helping the community without posing any threat to the public on the road.

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