9 Questions To Ask A Big Rig Towing Company In Surrey

November 10, 2022


In a world where our dependence on road transportation has crossed all limits, the need for towing services has become direr than ever before. From an 18-year-old college student whose daily means of travel is a bus to a middle-aged truck driver, almost every one of us depends on small or large vehicles in one way or another.

But when these vehicles break down or need towing services for any reason, the pain of finding the ideal towing service provider on the spot is unbearably excruciating. Rightly so, it isn’t easy to judge the reliability and authenticity of a towing company in merely a few minutes. And when heavy-duty vehicles like semi-trucks and buses are involved, the level of complexity reaches a new level.

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Accordingly, the importance of having your big vehicle towed by a reliable towing company boasting modern equipment and trained personnel increases even more. But the real question is, how can you identify a trustworthy towing company when you have a towing emergency? Well, the key is to find it beforehand instead of hastily rummaging through the internet when a problem arises.

But before you add any heavy-duty towing service provider to your contact list, you need to ensure they have what it takes to handle all kinds of varying circumstances you are likely to face. In order to achieve the latter, this blog post presents the nine most crucial questions you must ask a towing company before choosing them as your ultimate go to option.

1. Are You Licenced?

Naturally, the first thing any wise person would want to know is not a towing company’s prices but their licensure. So many shady companies look and act professional but are actually the exact opposite – perpetrators. In truth, they mask themselves as experts and roam the roads searching for their prey.

Thus, you are most likely to fall into the wrong hands if you choose a company on the spot or rely on a towing company with no certifications. So when you encounter a towing service provider that seems reliable, ask them about their licenses and accreditation.

2. What Type Of Services Does Your Towing Company Offer?

Once you are satisfied with their credentials, ask about their services. It is imperative that you understand the fact that different types of vehicles require varying towing techniques and equipment. The towing equipment your bus mandates will be far different from that required for a heavy-duty truck.

Hence, there is an apparent need to ensure that a prospective tow truck company’s areas of expertise coincide with your needs.

3. Do You Also Offer Heavy Equipment Hauling Services?

Those who request heavy-duty towing services often also have other unique needs like heavy equipment hauling and cargo transfers. Instead of having different providers for varying services, it would be better to have a one-stop-shop solution for all your needs. Therefore, you must ask the company about the range of towing tasks they can handle.

Big Rig Towing specializes in a variety of heavy-duty towing services to give the residents of Surrey and the rest of BC an all-under-one-roof towing solution.

4. Do You Provide An Estimate Of The Cost?

After all the necessary details about their dependability and compatibility have been discussed, you can move on to your primary concern – prices and estimates. A trustworthy towing firm values transparency and trust over everything else. Hence, they will strive to assure you of accuracy with regard to pricing estimates.

The latter will help you get a clear picture of whether their quoted services fall within your budget.

5. Are There Any Additional Charges?

Some companies charge extra prices for additional tasks. For instance, some companies will charge you if they have to use a different route from the one planned, while others will let minor differences pass. To be on the safe side, it is better to inquire about additional or hidden charges.

6. What Happens If My Vehicle Suffers Damage While Towing?

This is a crucial question. You must know in advance whether the towing company will pay for the damages that occur while towing a vehicle. Some companies will beat around the bush about this matter, and once something goes wrong try to escape by finding loopholes in the contract.

Therefore, you must finalize these things in advance.

7. What Is Your Estimated Arrival Time?

Time is money. If you are in the trucking or construction industry, the vitality of meeting deadlines is heightened. So besides a company’s credentials and service range, their time-management skills and service quality also matter a lot. As a wise businessman, you must ask about the company’s arrival time to ensure you can rely on them.

Big Rig Towing flaunts an unbeatable 30-minutes arrival time.

8. Do You Offer Emergency 24/7 Towing Services?

Regular towing needs are not all that matter. You might require these services in time of an emergency too. So it would pay off enormously to ask your prospect service provider whether they provide emergency towing services.

9. Do You Provide A Written Contract Beforehand?

One of the biggest tricks shady companies use to rob their customers is handing them an empty contract. They convince them of the situation’s severity and ask them to sign an empty contract urgently, only to add unfair charges and policies once the task is completed.

Resultantly, it is a good idea to ask a towing firm whether they provide a well-drafted contract before the task.

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