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Initiated with the noble intention of making the towing of big rigs and large vehicles easy and cost-effective, Big Rig Towing proudly presents an array of towing and vehicle services like no other company in Bc. As seasoned truckers, we understand that driving a typical car and handling a big rig are as different as the Earth and the sky. While the former is relatively easy, truck driving presents a lot of challenges. And when it comes to towing these giants, the story takes an even more complex twist.

But do not worry because Big Rig Towing’s certified team of professionals is well-acquinted with the trucking industry. Our team boasts excellent skills and profound experience which helps us provide the most elite and highly praised towing services across BC.

Our Goal
Our Mission

Our Mission

Big Rig Towing strives to provide its clients with the most professional, decent, decisive, and dependable tow truck services in Surrey and Greater Vancouver while upholding the highest ethical standards. To achieve this, we put a great focus on offering quality service at the fairest price and within the shortest timeframe.

Our Vision

By building excellent customer relationships and positive word-of-mouth, we aim to become the largest big rig tow truck service provider in BC and ultimately Canada. To achieve this long-term goal, Big Rig Towing pledges to keep its operations as transparent as possible and built business relationships based on trust and loyalty.

Our Equipment

More than any other company, we understand and appreciate the value of time and technology. As a result, Big Rig Towing & Recovery Ltd. has invested in cutting-edge equipment in order to provide you with outstanding towing workarounds. Tractors, trailers, all sorts of buses, dump trucks, grain trucks, rescue vehicles, cranes, construction trucks, and construction equipment are all towable by Big Rig Towing.

We know how time-sensitive every towing task can be because we operate in the transportation sector. That's why we've invested in the finest towing equipment so we can handle any large or little towing job and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Our Vision

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